New Zealand will forever be where my heart lies, and while Auckland is my base, I love our little country and I'm always keen to explore it. One of my favourite areas is the beautiful south island, and hopefully one day I'll be able to call it home.

Being a visual storyteller a wedding day for me is about the commitment of two people starting a new chapter in their lives as a new family, bringing their nearest and dearest together, enjoying the planning process, riding the waves of emotion and feeling all the sensations from your heart pounding through your chest, the good nerves and feverish excitement! 

I believe that time passes by at such a fast rate so being able to do what I do - documenting your story, capturing all the details, laughs, tears, and all the moments in between of possibly the most important day of your life this far - makes me incredibly happy. I appreciate that when the memories fade over the years, knowing that someone can sit down and relive those moments helps me to truly value the importance and responsibility of my work.

I believe in documenting from the outside looking in, capturing moments & first reactions; emotions and interactions, in it’s purest form
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Simplicity is something I try to live by in my everyday life, I’m inspired by nature and light - how beautiful it can be and all it has to offer. I'm really passionate about what I do, thankful that I get to do it, love that I get to help create memories and I’m a true believer in paying it forward!

I have an overwhelming amount of love for my friends and family including my two little people, August + Dakota, and my number one supporter and rock, my husband Matt. 

So, let’s make memories!